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Sustainability Assessments of Material Life Cycles

Home page of the Sustainability Assessments of Material Life Cycles research group


Faced with major economic and ecologic challenges such as resource scarcity and climate change, people become increasingly aware of the need for more sustainable use of materials.

In this context we apply life cycle thinking to assess, engineer, optimize and develop sustainable material life cycles.

Our mission is

  • To assess the sustainability of material life cycles
  • To engineer material life cycles
  • To develop methodologies to improve the life cycle impact of materials through closing material loops

Research topics

Our research is highly interdisciplinary, supportive to all MRC research directions and an essential aspect of all future application oriented materials research.
  • Tool kit

    Life cycle assessment
    Exergy analysis
    Life cycle costing

  • Fields of application

    High temperature residues
    Landfill mining
    CFRP composite materials and bio-based resins

Research network

Our interdisciplinary research approach leads to wide collaboration with a variety of people and initiatives:

  • CR³

    Center for Resource Recycling and Recovery

  • Materio

    Materials library

  • Open Raam

    EFRO project: scan sustainable materials innovations


We supervise BSc and MSc dissertations in the field of sustainability assessment of materials and material life cycles and organize the following course in dutch language for Bachelor and students in Material engineering:




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