Materials with Novel Functionality

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The main activities of our research group are related to the development of new and improved materials systems and advanced production methods. The research focus is on alloy systems as well as on novel materials such as nanomaterials, coatings and thin films. Our starting point is the physical material science (crystallographic structures, microstructural features, phase transformations,...) and its relation to material synthesis, forming properties and performance.


Also process optimisation is of great interest, which includes solidification processes, powder metallurgical techniques, electrochemistry, thin film deposition as well as hydrothermal synthesis.

Thermal analysis, measurement of physical properties and microscopy in a broad sense (LOM, SEM, TEM) are the main research tools for understanding the properties and the functional behaviour of the materials. Our research activities also include advanced materials characterization techniques, such as measurement of surface modified materials (in particular in the field of combined corrosion and wear loading known as (bio-)tribocorrosion), electrochemical in-situ measurements as well as in-situ TEM measurements.

The group strongly collaborates with the group "Materials for living systems" and the “Advanced Ceramics and Powder Metallurgy” within the SIEM division as well as with the groups "Metals and Alloys" and "Composite Materials" of the SCALINT division.


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The staff consists of five professors: Jean-Pierre Celis, Marc Heyns (also IMEC fellow), Jan Fransaer,  Maria (Jin Won) Seo, Jan Van Humbeeck and several enthousiastic doctoral and postdoctoral researchers as well as technical staff.