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Technical Equipment

Chemical analysis Acoustic emission systems (AES)
Coulomat 702 SO/CS
Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectroscropy (ICP-OES)
Inrared spectrometer ( Thermo Nicolet )
XRF spectrometer Philips PW 2400
Mass spectrometer for gas analysis ( Pfeiffer Omnistar )
XRF thickness measurement system Veeco 300-AT

Electrochemical processing Electrochemical measurements combined with xyz translation stage
Electrochemical filter-press reactor
Electrophoretic deposition/dipping automated system
Scanning Reference Electrode technique

Machining Lathes
Milling machines
Plate cutting machines
Welding Equipment

Mechanical testing ATS-split furnace for 3- and 4-point bending tests on ceramics
Biaxial tensile machine
Fatigue testing
Fragmentation test
Hardness tester
Impact testing ( low speed impact )
Impact testing ( with temperature chamber )
In-plane shear tester
Mini tensile/compression machine
One Shot Impact
Pendulum impact testing machine
Static tension, compression and flexural testing machines
Torsion machines
Strain Mapping

Metal forming Wire drawing
Rolling mill




Atomic force,

Confocal laser

Atomic Force Microscope ( AFM, Digital Instruments )
Dual beam Nova 600 Nanolab ( FEI )
Electron Probe Microanalyzer JXA-8530F ( Jeol )
Scanning electron microscope XL30 SEM and TSL orientation imaging microscope system
Scanning electron microscope XL30 SEM FEG
Scanning electron microscope XL40 SEM LaB6
Environmental scanning electron microscope XL30 ESEM FEG
Tranmission electron microscope CM-200 FEG ( Philips )
Confocal Scanning Laser Microscope with hot stage ( CSLM )
Inverted light optical microscopes ( Ferox Ceti labo, Leica DMILM HC, and Reichert-MeF2 )
Light optical microscopes ( Reichert - Zetopan, Polyvar MET, Zeiss Axioskop 40 Pol/ 40 A Pol and Leitz Metalloplan )
Stereo microscope ( Leica MZ8, Wild M8 )

Non-destructive testing and evaluation

Nanofocus CT: GE Nanotom
Nanofocus CT: Skyscan attachment for SEM
Microfocus CT: Tomohawk System
Microfocus CT: Loading stage
Microfocus CT: Skyscan 1172
Radiography: X-tek system
Ultrasonic C-scan
Acoustic emission: Vallen AMSY-5

Powder metallurgy

Analysis of powder density ( Multipycnometer, Quantachrome )
Analysis of powder size
Attritor ( Dispermat CN 20 )
Bead mill ( Dispermat SL-C 12-06 )
Ball mills
Encapsulation of samples in glass
Gas atomisation and spray forming of advanced powders ( GATOS )
Jaw Crusher ( RETSCH BB100 )
Mixing of Powders
Safety and cleaning
Spray drying plant
Weighing of powders
Zeta potential analysis ( ESA 9800, Zetamaster )

Processing of polymers and composites

CGMI prepregger
Computerised autoclaves
Fontijne press
Hot Melt Prepregger Drum Winder
Light - Resin transfer molding
Low pressure injection foaming machine
Pinette press Zenith 2
Resin transfer molding

Sample preparation

Apparatus for grinding and polishing
Sputtering devices ( Balzers and Edwards )
Carbonwire coater
Consumables for preparation of materials
Degassing chamber
Dimple grinder GATAN 656
Duo mill GATAN 600 DIF
Vacuum coating unit ( Edwards )
Electrolytic polishing ( Tenupol 5 - Struers )
Equipment for sample embedding
Sawing machine BERNEY T39
Ion mill Baltec RES 100
Sawing machines ( Isomet and Isomet low speed )
Lap- and polishing machine ( Lamplan MM 850 )
Single Edge V-Notch Beam ( SEVNB ) sample preparation

Thermal and physical properties

Differential scanning calorimetry ( DSC; Heat-flux, 2920 and Q2000 of (T.A, Instruments ) and 404 ( Netzsch ))
Dilatometer ( DIL 402C/7 Netzsch and Thermo-mechanical analysis ( TMA, Q400 T.A Instruments ))
Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer ( DMA, TA Instruments Q800 )
Internal friction and elastic modulus
Resistance measurement ( type 2302 Burster )
Simultaneous DSC and TGA ( SDT, Q600 T.A. Instruments )
Thermo-electrical power
Thermo-gravimetrical analysis ( Cahn )
Thermo-mechanical Testing Apparatus for Shape Memory Alloys

Thermal processing of metals and ceramics

Electric arc furnace
Gradient furnace ( Oyten VTF 3981 )
Gradient furnace ( ASPF )
High temperature furnaces
High temperature bottom loading furnace ( AGNI )
Horizontal tube furnaces
Ispram stir furnace
Hot press inductively heated ( Balzers )
Hot press resistively heated ( FCT )
Spark plasma sintering ( FCT )
Microwave furnace
Split furnace
Vacuum induction furnace for metallurgy and refractory testing ( Balzers )
Vertical tube furnaces
Vertical high temperatur tube furnace ( GERO ) with oxygen monitoring

Tribology and surface profilometry

Impact fretting ( MODE II )
Tribology: Fretting/reciprocating sliding test equipment ( MODE I )
Tribology: Pin/Ball-on-disk test equipment

X-ray diffraction techniques

D500 goniometer
D5005 goniometer
Seifert 3003 T/T X-ray diffractometer
Seifert goniometer