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Datum Naam Titel N/E

Lichun Zheng

Effect of Interfacial Properties on the Characteristics of Non-metallic Inclusions in Steel   E

Jingjing Liu

In-situ Observation and Phase-field Simulation of Crystallization and Dissolution Phenomena in CaO-Al<SB>2O<SB>3-SiO<SB>2 Slags E

Liugang Chen

Degradation Mechanisms of the Magnesia-chromite Refractory Lining of Secondary Copper Smelters E
04/07/2016 Farida Bensadoun In-service Behaviour of Flax Fibre Reinforced Composites for High Performance Applications E
01/07/2016 Quentin Smets Calibration of models for III-V TFET performance prediction E
28/06/2016 Chen Wu In Depth Understanding of Low-k Dielectric Reliability in Interconnect System E


Vrancken Bey Study of residual stresses in Selective Laser Melting E
09/06/2016 Borra Chenna Rao Recovery of rare earths from bauxite residue (Red Mud) E
25/05/2016 Guo Yujie (Jaimie) Fabrication and characterization of crystalline In-Ga-Zn oxide nanostructure E
28/01/2016 Nicolo Campagnol Metal-organic frameworks electrochemistry
Campagnol Nicoló
15/12/2015 Mattheys Tina Development of multifunctional biocompatible coatings  


Xing Gong Liquid Metal Embrittlement of a 9Cr-1Mo Ferritic-martensitic Steel in Lead-bismuth Eutectic Environment under Low Cycle Fatigue E
30/11/2015 Yuanyuan Guan Development of a Method to Determine the Solubility Ranges of Intermetallic Compounds in Metal-metal Connections E
05/11/2015 Despoina Vriami 'Application of a strong Magnetic Field for Texturing of technical Ceramics' E
03/11/2015 Jeroen Tacq Residual and Internal Stress Development Resulting from Plastic Deformation of Multi-phase Alloys: The Case of Pearlite N
22/09/2015 Valentin Romanov Modeling Tools for Micro-scale Stress Analysis of Nano-engineered Fiber-reinforced Composites E