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Welcome to the Solidification and Microstructure Simulation Group

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In our research group, the focus is on multi-component alloy design based on simulation and quantification of microstructure evolution.


Current research is related to

  • Microstructure evolution simulations based on the phase-field method (solidification, intermetallic compound growth, recrystallization, coarsening and grain growth)
  • Diffusion 
  • Crystallization, dissolution and wetting phenomena
  • Calculation of phase diagrams for bulk and nanosystems
  • ICME and microstructure informatics


The fields of applications are versatile: lead free soldering, steels, CIGS solar cells, aluminium, thin films, nano-wires, Mg-based bio-materials, metallurgical slags, high entropy alloy.

Simulated 3-dimensional grain structure with misorientation dependent grain boundary properties
Simulated grain structure using a model with misorientation dependent grain boundary properties.



Quaternary eutectic structure 
Calculated Au-Ge phase diagrams for bulk systems and nano-particles of 5 and 10 nm.


Grain structure and diffusion flux obtained in a simulation of IMC growth at the iterface in a diffusion couple.

Upcoming: 27th International Workshop on Computational Mechanics of Materials (IWCMM-27), Leuven, Belgium, Sept 20-22, 2017. Program and registration.

Upcoming: 16th European Mechanics of Materials ConferenceEMMC16, March 16-18, 2018. Program and registration.


News: Irina Nizovtseva, postdoc at Friederich Schiller University Jena, will visit our group during October 2017 to discuss collaborative work.

News: New C1-project "Multi-scale modeling of reactions at solid-liquid interfaces and their effect on dynamic wetting and phase morphology" granted. Apply for a PhD or postdoc within this project.    

News: Sourav Chatterjee joint the group as a new PhD student on August 1, 2017. Welcome ! He will work on phase-field simulations of material joints under mechanical loading. 

News:  Ruben Windey, master student Materials Engineering, will do an honours project in our group this Summer. He will apply a phase-field model to study the growth of polycrystalline monolayers on graphite in collaboration with the De Feyter research group


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