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Research in polymer matrix composites in the Department of Materials Engineering (MTM) of the KU Leuven was started by Ignaas Verpoest in 1982. Now the Composite Materials Group is the host of the Toray Chair for Composite Materials and one of the worldwide recognised centres for composite materials research.  ...read more...G

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Go to:  Micro-nano     Processing     Meso-macro     Physical chemistry     Natural fibres 

Crash course and masterclasses

In the framework of the CompositeBoost project, a series of masterclasses will be organised by SLC-Lab, KULeuven CMG and UGent on 28/11, 5/12 and 12/12.  ...more info


We are happy to announce the start of the FiBreMoD (Fibre break models for designing novel composite microstructures and applications) project, an Innovative Training Network with 6 academic and 6 industrial partners in Belgium, UK, France, Germany, Israel and Netherlands. FiBreMoD’s goal is to train 13 researchers to become multi-talented and interdisciplinary experts in understanding, characterising and predicting failure of fibre-reinforced polymer composites. Such researchers will be highly coveted by industries using lightweight materials (e.g. aeronautics, automotive, energy), which currently overdesign components due to a lack of reliable design methods for composites. Read more